How do I navigate the site?

The site has been designed to allow subscribers to navigate intuitively and efficiently.

Subscribers simply login to view the content.
If you’re not a subscriber, register for a FREE account via our SUBSCRIBE page to access our TRIAL content and pricing information.

To view reports in chronological order (most recent at the top), select CONTENTS on the menu.

The CONTENTS drop-down menu lists the different types of reports; by clicking on these you can access the chronological list for that type of report.
e.g. all the FORECAST reports can be accessed on the drop-down menu with the most recent at the top.

Select a report title to view a report; then select any thumbnail and swipe or click your way through the pages.

Quick Navigation

Click/Tap thumbnail: view report

Swipe left/right: next/previous page

Left key: previous page

Right key: next page

Double click/tap: zoom in/out

Escape/x button/browser back: close report & go back to thumbnails

Space bar: show toolbar / caption if they have faded from view

Enter: start slideshow

Click ‘Download PDF’ button: download full report for printing and offline viewing

To print an individual page without downloading the PDF.

1. Right click/control click thumbnail

2. Open link in new tab/window.

3. Print or save.

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