“Fashion forecasting is an integral part of today’s design process. When I was a designer in the fashion industry I wanted to use a trend service that I could trust, not only to deliver accurate trend direction, but more importantly, one that would inspire me and encourage my individuality. The TRENDZOOM service was developed around these ideals, and is constantly evolving to fit the needs of today’s designers. Our sole aim is to provide that creative rush of inspiration that will position our subscriber community ahead of the curve.”
Lester Pedersen – Creative Director/Editor-in-Chief

our story:
Founded in 1998 by partners Lester & Torgeir Pedersen, Trendzine/FashionInformation.com, was one of the world’s first online fashion forecasting services. Today, Trendzine leads the way with TRENDZOOM, Fashion Forecasting Service; delivering both long-term forecasting and fast-response information to the fashion community. The company remains an independent force in the marketplace, and one that continues to accurately anticipate trends ahead of the competition.

TRENDZOOM, Fashion Forecasting Service is an inspiring space that delivers clear trend analysis in an atmosphere of calm creativity.Reports nurture individuality and provide fashion companies with clear, actionable information and the confidence to future-proof their business.

The trendPX image gallery launched in 2017 and is proving to be a great resource for our fashion community. Original images are expertly curated to ‘flow’ through product categories, allowing an efficient way to access real-time trends – download individual or whole collections of images.

We believe in being open and transparent, so we provide a list of all our reports, complete with publish date and number of pages on our contents page.

time efficient:
The site has been designed to allow intuitive and efficient navigation. This time-saving layout and comprehensive trend coverage, takes you straight to the relevant information, allowing more time for independent creativity.

easy to use:
Full-page, responsive layouts adjust to all desktop, laptop and mobile devices, allowing you to swipe through the online pages easily and efficiently. Download entire reports in pdf format and enjoy high resolution, magazine-quality print results at your leisure.

our community:
Many of our clients are long-term subscribers and new ones join us every day, these include Private Label Companies, High Street Multiples, Department Stores, Manufacturers, Media Companies and Fashion Education Institutes. It continues to be our policy not to publish the names of our subscribers, or use their brands/company logos as marketing tools.

get in touch:
Join the conversation; contact us with any questions or comments about the service – we welcome all your suggestions. For pricing and free sample pages, fill in your company details on the SUBSCRIBE page or CONTACT us for more information.