“As the fashion landscape changes Fashion Forecasting is evolving to meet the new challenges head on, providing accurate direction to combat wasted production and offering new design concepts to increase the lifespan of product. TRENDZOOM is an independent London-based fashion service with a global influence. It exists to serve the fashion industry in the best way possible by encouraging more efficient and sustainable working models. Forecasting reports provide designers and their businesses with clear, actionable information in a creative and inspiring space.” Dawn C L Pedersen

Fashion Trend Forecasting for Apparel & Accessories

The TRENDZOOM service delivers uniquely detailed fashion forecasting reports to our community of subscribers. Content is full of inspiring and actionable forecast information covering womenswear, menswear and youth categories for the apparel and accessory markets. The service explores each season through four types of report: COLOUR, CONCEPT, FASHION and DESIGN. In addition we deliver streetstyle inspiration in our STREET Trends gallery, and offer a consultancy service for businesses.

CONCEPT Forecast

Every new design begins with a concept, an idea that triggers the imagination. CONCEPT reports analyse the current cultural landscape, researching changes in human behaviour and the mindset of consumers. They look at current and future events, the creative arts scene, and new technology set to change our lives. Every season three overarching trends emerge, which will impact the future of fashion. These are presented in a highly visual format with inspiring insights and in-depth analysis. Each new CONCEPT report keeps our community informed and ahead of the curve, adding new ways to tap into the shifting fashion zeitgeist.


COLOUR Forecast


Colour selections are a crucial first step for all fashion designers, so this report is a launch pad for the new season. COLOUR reports begin with a full colour palette specifically developed for the fashion apparel and accessory markets. Further analysis divides the palette into three themes of the season with pages exploring how colours can be used across women’s and men’s apparel and accessories. The KEY6 colours of the season are six high-impact shades which define each new season and feature across all our colour-styling pages, while the CORE COLOUR selection outlines the important shades to use across basics and staple items.

FASHION Forecast

Emerging trends from catwalk and streetstyle images are captured in super-visual and stimulating FASHION forecasting reports. These take the form of highly effective pages, which translate the overarching themes of the season into actionable design ideas. The process involves extensive curation of catwalk and streetstyle images to extract directional ideas for apparel and accessory designs. In the reports we explore the three themes of the season through womenswear, menswear and youth categories. Each category reveals new lines and proportions, fabric textures, surface patterns and key details – to ensure new design stays relevant and covetable.


DESIGN Forecast


These focused reports channel all the energy, research and analysis of previous reports into product DESIGN. Issues are divided into three main reports covering: women/youth apparel, men/youth apparel and women/men/youth accessories (plus seasonal swimwear). Highly detailed CAD sketches are complemented by expertly curated catwalk and streetstyle images to expand on the ideas behind each design. If downloads are part of your subscription package you will be able to download the full MATRIX as Adobe Illustrator files. The MATRIX contains all the designs from each report in one space, complete with symbols, brushstrokes and figures.


This streetstyle gallery is an important and popular addition to the TRENDZOOM forecasting service. Images are taken by experienced street photographers, whose job it is to focus on the most directional and forward-moving styles. These images are then expertly edited and arranged into categories to flow through trends. As a result the gallery offers an effective way to access real-time information and react to emerging trends. It’s a valuable and time-saving resource, and images can be downloaded individually or by category.


FOCUS Reports


Gorgeous, highly-visual reports focused on a single product or sector of the market. These include seasonal swimwear, sportswear and denim or trends in graphic design for fashion. Where the trend warrants more research or needs a broader analysis and added design input these FOCUS reports will be replaced by more in-depth DESIGN Forecast reports.

RETAIL Trends Archive

Retail reports are part of our archives and can be accessed in content published before 2015. These unique archives explore the retail scene in some of the most fashionable cities and towns in Europe and pre-date the explosion of online shopping.


Fashion industry NEWS


This independent NEWS service provides the very latest information for the fashion industry. TRENDZOOM has partnered with the French company Fashion Network because it’s a primary source of information for fashion professionals worldwide. Their top team of editors react swiftly to breaking news and publish articles from around the world to keep our community on top of all relevant fashion-related content.

Fashion trend CONSULTANCY

Interested in a more personal approach? We offer a consultancy service to work with you on developing new strategies to maximise the impact of your brand. We offer insights into the shifting cultural landscape and new ways to stay relevant. Contact us for a consultation or to get exclusive reports tailored to your individual needs.

Dawn Carla Lester Pedersen

Dawn C L Pedersen is the Co-Founder of TRENDZINE Fashion Information Media Network and Creative Director of the TRENDZOOM Forecasting Service. Starting her career as a commercial designer in the fashion industry and later as a consultant to major High Street suppliers she made the move into forecasting with TFS, before launching her own online service in 1998.

Torgeir Pedersen is the Co-Founder of TRENDZINE Fashion Information Media Network and TRENDZOOM Forecasting Service. With a background in all things tech he is the driving force behind the functionality and design of this unique trend service.

Torgeir Pedersen