FASHION Forecast AW 2025-26 Women Men Youth Apparel Accessories

Published 27 March 2024 - 47 pages 26874-26920

The FASHION issue turns concepts into actionable design direction. With analysis of over 500 catwalk shows it focuses on the latest emerging trends in apparel and accessories for Women, Men and Youth sectors.

FASHION Forecast AW 2025-26 Women Men Youth Apparel Accessories

The report defines the AW 2025-26 season and offers a clear overview of macro trends with special insights into important micro design decisions. It reveals new directions for proportions and shapes, the latest style lines and construction as well as what’s happening in surface pattern and fabric design. UNFAKE leans into familiar designs laced with nostalgia, REGROUP connects to nature and amplifies the importance of social and group activities, while FLIP SIDE approaches design in experimental ways using unconventional methods and novel materials.

UNFAKE – embraces ideas of imperfection and leans into a reality laced with nostalgia and connections to the past

REGROUP – designs respond to environmental needs and the practical and functional aspects of apparel and accessories

FLIP SIDE – a playful moment where design flips from something familiar to reveal something unexpected or surprising