DESIGN Forecast SS 2025 Women Youth Apparel

Published 31 December 2023 - 58 pages 26709-26766

Womenswear moves into 2025 with styles that feel authentic, and appear familiar but contain next-level design elements. There’s an obsessive attention to detail, clever manipulation of fabric and disruption of style lines and proportions. The new season will see unexpected injections of craft and surprising decorative finishes – even the most practical styles will be delightfully skewed in some unique way. This new direction pushes design forward exploring sustainable approaches to womenswear and new ways to make the most of existing resources.

DESIGN Forecast SS 2025 Women Youth Apparel

WOVEN – casual cotton and denim styles made unique through cleverly crafted detailing and hand finishing

JERSEY – a balance of easy sportswear inspired styles and innovative jerseywear engineered into complex designs

SOFTS – curvy silhouettes in soft unstructured shapes with feminine details in lightweight and drapey fabrics

SMART – elevated separates and tailored suits in cleverly constructed styles with practical and versatile details

OUTER – a blend of casual streetstyle jackets with functional details and well-constructed tailored styles