FASHION Forecast AW 2024-25 Women Men Youth Apparel Accessories

Published 22 May 2023 - 47 pages 26203-26249

The FASHION report translates the concepts of the season into actionable fashion trends. Its highly analytical and visually stimulating format will inspire ideas and future designs. With over 45 pages covering Women, Men and Youth trends it defines the AW 2024/25 season. It focuses on the important design aspects – how styles are cut, constructed and styled – it considers the materials and how these are used, treated, patterned and decorated. Getting the detail right is an important consideration for designers and we cover all the important aspects from seam positions to fastenings.
Fashion pushes forward with intelligent design solutions and inspiring concepts. The EMBODY trend uses a soft, sensory approach that captures an inclusive and democratic design model. TERRA embraces the excitement of outdoor exploration, travel and new experiences and adventures, while OFFSET balances a duality that combines maximalism and meta modernism.

FASHION Forecast AW 2024-25 Women Men Youth Apparel Accessories

EMBODY – is a hyper sensory journey exploring the tactile nature of materials and their relationship with the body

TERRA – reflects on concepts of heritage, protection and conservation with a focus on healthy and natural materials

OFFSET – celebrates difference, and design that goes against the grain. It elevates the ordinary into the extraordinary