DESIGN Forecast SS 2023 Women Youth Apparel

Published 4 January 2022 - 35 pages 25449-25483

Navigating womenswear with all its complexities and nuanced subtleties can be challenging for any business. This report offers a guide through this intriguing sector looking at clothing from three different perspectives. The SYMBIOTIC theme takes a light-handed approach to design. It explores clothing’s relationship with the body from freedom of movement to close, second-skin connection and the idea of openness through sheer or cutout details. REFORM looks closely at new structure and the important proportions of individual garments. An orderliness exists, not just in line, but also in pattern and symmetrical arrangement of detailing. The emphasis is on adjustable aspects and construction is visible and celebrated. WONDER takes a unique route through latter-day vintage concepts and emotionally-charged expressive designs. Here clothing takes on a precious quality that encourages care and longevity.

DESIGN Forecast SS 2023 Women Youth Apparel

SYMBIOTIC explores organic design that works in harmony with the body. Shapes have a fluid quality, which is captured in soft structures and smooth fabrics

REFORM follows the shift towards familiar classics that offer a sense of calm reassurance. It pushes forward with clever adaptable aspects that extend use

WONDER celebrates individuality and self expression taking design in a unique direction with off-kilter looks and past/present styling