DESIGN Forecast SS 2023 Women Men Youth Accessories

Published 10 December 2021 - 44 pages 25405-25448

ACCESSORIES for the spring/summer season offer inventive ways to approach design from different and inspiring perspectives. Styles are dynamic and part of a confident new approach to design. Bags, footwear, jewellery, headwear, eyewear and belt designs are individual, unique and fuelled by a creative force that offers an outlet for self expression.
This extensive report covers all accessory areas for Women, Men and youth sectors with on-point analysis to validate each concept. Downloadable Adobe Illustrator files offer the designer infinite possibilities to adapt and reimagine every design.

DESIGN Forecast SS 2023 Women Men Youth Accessories

SYMBIOTIC accessories explore their connection to the body through soft materials and curvy forms. Craft-led construction adds textural aspects and a unique hand-finished touch, while patterns and decorative details connect to a nature-oriented aesthetic

REFORM accessories take a clean, uncluttered approach to design with the focus on practical and functional aspects. Familiar forms are reassuring and feed into a sustainable conversation through the use of durable materials and long-lasting construction

WONDER accessories make a strong visual statement. DESIGNs are inspired by the past and fuelled by the present, creating an outlet for self expression.  Men’s products are tech inspired and future-facing, with inspiration from the past coming through in jewellery design