DESIGN Forecast AW 2020-21 Women Men Youth Accessories

Published 1 December 2019 - 74 pages 24218-24291

Women’s and Men’s accessories collide in this latest design forecast issue, which turns concepts and theory into inspiring and fresh product design. These original design flats reveal the new style lines, materials, surface patterns and detailing for the new season over 74 information-packed pages.
The high-detail design flats are fully downloadable and aim to push your product design forward. The report covers: jewellery, eyewear, bags, footwear, headwear, gloves and belts, exploring each category through the three major trends of the season.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2020-21 Women Men Youth Accessories

FLEX – develop meaningful product through adaptable and resilient design

FLUID TECH – embrace technology through soft, tactile design and ergonomic lines

CITIZEN – familiar design connects to home comforts and shapes identity