DESIGN Forecast AW 2020-21 Men Youth Apparel

Published 30 December 2019 - 36 pages 24292-24327

Menswear design connects to the changes happening culturally across all areas of fashion. In this forecast issue we turn these concepts into solid product design. Highly detailed design flats reveal, not only the key silhouettes, but also the smallest detailing. The pages bring together original sketches with images, to explore fabrics, patterns, fastenings and the important style lines and proportions.
The high-detail design flats are fully downloadable and aim to push your product design forward. The report covers all areas of menswear, exploring each category through the three major trends of the season.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2020-21 Men Youth Apparel

FLEX  – menswear designed to empower the wearer through adaptability

FLUID TECH – moving design forward through technology and function

CITIZEN –¬†connection through familiar styles and softened materials