COLOUR Forecast SS 2023

Published 7 October 2021 - 33 pages 25325-25357

An air of optimism dominates the colour scene for 2023. Intense shades, warm tones and light-infused hues, provide a wide range of colour to develop close connections or wild contrasts. Blues and purples offer an enhanced digital presence, and within the neutral realm soft greys and greens keep the palette naturally grounded. The SYMBIOTIC palette forms close organic and emotional links to nature. REFORM colours offer reassurance and stability, while the WONDER palette celebrates individuality and creativity.

COLOUR Forecast SS 2023

CORE – The return of serious core colour signals a commitment to sustainability that extends beyond seasonal fashion shades

SYMBIOTIC – COLOURs that form an organic and emotional connection with close links to nature and sustainability

REFORM – A progressive balance of familiar and grounded shades with a dependable quality that adds reassurance and stability

WONDER – Impactful colours celebrating individuality and creativity with rare and precious elements that create a strong visual impact