COLOUR Forecast AW 2024-25

Published 14 April 2023 - 33 pages 26170-26202

The new colour report for AW 2024-25 reflects the changing fashion landscape and the influences driving trends. Saturated brights are charged with an energy that vibrates through the whole palette. Deeper tones add a confident solid base, while red, pink and colours infused with warmth, bring nurture and sensory aspects. Blues form part of a confident tech-driven and motivational outlook, while the core palette adds to the shift into quality and quiet luxury.
The full colour spectrum contains all 40 shades for the autumn-winter 2024-25 season, including ten CORE colours and the important KEY6 shades.
Get more than inspiration – get involved in the real changes happening in fashion.

COLOUR Forecast AW 2024-25

CORE – ten essential colours form the basis of the season

KEY6 – six fashion shades define the AW 2024-25 season

EMBODY – embracing soft sensory shades and easy flexible colour with wide-reaching appeal

TERRA – colours bounce between brights and earthy tones inviting adventure and exploration

OFFSET – a multifaceted palette that celebrates difference and provides an alternative perspective