CONCEPT Forecast AW 2024-25

Published 30 March 2023 - 23 pages 26147-26169

With every season the industry faces new challenges, fresh goals are set and new ways of working are planned. Only by sharing the advances we make, the information we use and the systems we create, can the fashion community work together to build a better future…
This autumn/winter the CONCEPT report looks at emerging influences that will impact the fashion industry: advances in tech, science and biology, inspiration from contemporary art, interiors and design with cultural shifts that feature cult brands and music/fashion/beauty artists making waves.

CONCEPT Forecast AW 2024-25

EMBODY – capturing sensory experiences and ethereal ideas to form solid concepts

TERRA – freedom to escape the system and redefine our relationship with the natural world

OFFSET – taking an alternative approach to stretch beyond the limits of the imagination