STREET Trends London Fashion Week SS 2019 Men Youth Accessories

Published 10 December 2018 - 180 images

The London Fashion Week street scene reveals 180 men’s accessories. This unique gallery is carefully edited down to the most fashion-forward styles providing inspiring and highly informative coverage. Customised aspects are key creating a personal id or links to retro culture.

STREET Trends London Fashion Week SS 2019 Men Accessories

BAGS men – function is integral to men’s style, small bags wind across the body and feature extra pockets or additional strap and chain details

EYEWEAR men – bold acetate frames in exaggerated shapes or wireframe classics with subtle details and bright tinted lenses

FOOTWEAR men – the workwear trend is inspiring chunky boots with heavy tread, while trainers are having a softening effect on other styles

HEADWEAR men – streetstyle looks are updated in custom fabrics, added hardware details or contrast stitching

JEWELLERY men – styles are personalised with initials or custom pendants while  heavy chains and hardware have a punk or industrial vibe