CONCEPT Forecast SS 2026

Published 17 June 2024 - 25 pages 27072-27096

Within the turbulence of the present we find the space to adapt, we look for things we have control over and ways to make a difference. Through small, positive actions and incremental changes we find the space to grow and flourish.
This concept report offers a unique perspective on the cultural landscape of the future. Research uncovers some of the brightest new ideas and most inspiring expressions of creativity.

CONCEPT Forecast SS 2026

Three strong themes emerge backed up by extensive research and analysis:

DUPE-AGE – looks at the digital and cultural landscape and the changes we have come to accept as part of our extraordinary new AI age.

IMMERSE – connects with big concepts and immersive experiences, whether in art or technology, and the wider conversations about climate impact.

SINE WAVE – moves forward using flexible systems that follow patterns set out in nature and ways we can adapt now to reshape our future.