COLOUR Forecast SS 2026

Published 2 July 2024 - 36 pages 27097-27132

The COLOUR issue launches the major colour trends for spring summer 2026.
A revolution is coming that reflects our changing relationship to colour. The impact of our choices will mean taking a carefully considered approach to colour selection, and making more meaningful decisions. As we recognise this responsibility there will be more emphasis on shades within the CORE palette to push the sustainable agenda forward. We will look towards colours that provide not only substance, but beautiful ones that fill us with joy. KEY6 colours are pivotal to the season and provide a burst of energy that injects freshness and newness into the colour agenda.

COLOUR Forecast SS 2026

The definitive colour guide for SS 2026 features 40 shades divided into a CORE selection, important KEY6 shades, and three concepts for the season. Unique colour-styling pages show how groups of colours can be used most effectively across WOMEN/youth and MEN/youth sectors.

CORE – ten enduring shades with long-term resilience

KEY6 – six fashion colours shape and define the new season

DUPE-AGE – influenced by our playfully creative and digital age

IMMERSE – colours reflect deep and immersive experiences

SINE WAVE – moving through natural and irregular rhythms