DESIGN Forecast SS 2022 Women Youth Apparel

Published 20 April 2021 - 41 pages 24988-25028

Join the adventure as we explore an exciting new season of womenswear design. The summer brings a sense of renewal and optimism that stretches across all areas. Discover the direction of shapes, important lines of construction, new proportions and key finishing touches. Our unique design flats provide clear front and back views of garments with suggested materials and inspiration for prints and patterns.  All sketches are fully downloadable as Adobe Illustrator files to adapt to your own requirements.
Get more than inspiration – get involved in the real changes happening in fashion.

DESIGN Forecast SS 2022 Women Youth Apparel

RISE – Discover the many ways that clothing has the potential to uplift and transport us. The Rise trend encourages designs in soft construction with playful details and explores the fun ways in which womenswear can shine

COEXIST – Connect with grounded design, touched by craft and driven by sustainability. Coexist shakes things up, tipping the balance between high and low – elevating casual styles and grounding familiar classics

VISION – As consumers seek out womenswear with performance-enhanced, adaptable or long-lasting qualities we look towards design and technology for solutions. Minimalism provides a balanced mix of both style and functionality