DESIGN Forecast SS 2021 Men Youth Apparel

Published 17 July 2020 - 35 pages 24531-24565

Menswear moves forward with a mindful approach to meet the demands of a new consumer. Conscious designs embrace sustainability and rise to the higher expectations of a world already saturated with product. This design report focuses on all areas of menswear and offers original ideas to inspire creativity and confidence in the future.
The SS 21 issue covers a wide range of men’s apparel including jersey/knitwear, tailoring, casualwear and unstructured separates. It also offers analysis on the key fabric choices, colours, patterns and prints. DESIGN flats are fully downloadable and easy to adapt. The three themes: SOURCE, RESET & VOICE offer different approaches to the season ahead.

DESIGN Forecast SS 2021 Men Youth Apparel

SOURCE – Reconnecting to nature through naturally sourced fabrics in easy unstructured shapes. DESIGNs use unique dye effects or explore the beauty of plants and flowers through print. Source is the contrast that exists between ‘soft’ nature-inspired design and ‘hard’ utility styles, which explore the practical and durable aspects of workwear and uniforms.

RESET – Reset emerges from the comfort and safety of a home environment. Easy shapes in soft fabrics and tactile structures reflect this relaxed mood. DESIGNs also explore lean minimal looks in fresh proportions with clever technical details. As consumers demand more from their clothing, form and function become key factors.

VOICE – Voice reconnects to the past through a close study of vintage styles, retro styling and handcrafted finishing. The research converts into contemporary styles with a familiar vibe, using traditional textiles and heritage patterns. Printed messages use an authentic voice that connects with artists and communities through collaborations.