DESIGN Forecast SS 2020 Men Youth Apparel

Published 25 May 2019 - 42 pages 24064-24105

Despite the renewed interest in structured tailoring the overall feeling for spring/summer 2020 is relaxed and easy. Menswear designs are cleverly constructed and versatile with attention to key details. In this report our ready-to-use design flats combine with curated catwalk and street looks to inspire your future collections.

DESIGN Forecast SS 2020 Men Youth Apparel

RE-SPACE – menswear embraces the challenge of the future by reinventing itself. DESIGNs  take advantage of the fashion industry machine by recycling waste product and adapting styles to use up even small amounts of fabric – creating unique designs in the process.

EMBRACE NOW – breaking down the preconceptions of menswear and embracing a softer side. Structure is minimal and designs have a clean finish with emphasis on fabric and drape. Silhouettes and details are gently rounded, even graphics and prints have a fluidity to them with wavy lines, curved seams or edges.

growSMALL Рa balance of functionalwear and contemporary looks inspired by the practical aspects of workwear and utility styles. Tailoring has a casual, ease that adds to its appeal.  Construction is highlighted with accented seams and contrast stitching. Pockets are a key component and add emphasis through contrast colours or prominent placement.