DESIGN Forecast SS 2020 Women Men Youth Accessories

Published 20 March 2019 - 54 pages 23963-24016

This design issue focuses on the all-important accessory sector. This 54-page report is packed with original sketches and catwalk/street inspiration to push your product design forward.
Original, highly detailed design flats are fully downloadable and ready to influence your new collections. The report covers: bags, jewellery, eyewear, headwear footwear and belts, exploring each category through the three overarching trends of the season. Don’t miss this insight into women/men/youth accessories – full of new design ideas and concepts.

DESIGN Forecast SS 2020 Women Men Youth Accessories

RE-SPACE – problem-solving is design at its most creative. The challenge of finding ways to reduce fashion’s negative impact is triggering inventive ways to recraft and redesign with existing resources.

EMBRACE NOW – embodies a physical connection to products through ergonomic ‘soft’ design and tactile appeal. Accessories are moulded into waves and curves, padded into new soft shapes, or feature scrunched ‘memory-woven’ fabrics.

growSMALL – functional and authentic design taps into the need for accessories which are cleverly structured and offer practical solutions. Accessories connect to workwear and feature industrial-style details, and at the same time tap into unique handcrafted techniques and nature-connected patterns.