DESIGN Forecast AW 2017-18 Women Men Youth Denim

Published 29 July 2016 - 49 pages 22090-22138

A brilliant design issue for the DENIM sector, complete with detailed design flats, fabric swatches and an inspiring edit of catwalk and street styles. The AW 17-18 season brings a fresh perspective on denim: OUTSIDER provokes with retro-influenced shapes and off-kilter decoration. INTERFUSION is defined by a new polished look for denim with exaggerated proportions, and CIRCULAR references workwear styles with distorted shapes and construction.
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DESIGN Forecast AW 2017-18 Women Men Youth Denim

OUTSIDER – a disruptive force with retro influences fuels this unique look

WOMEN: jeans are retro inspired with ‘70s flares, 80’s volume or ‘90s fit. tops and jackets feature corset-like tailoring or feminised additions, and outerwear is exaggerated into expanded shapes.

MEN: styles flow against the oversized trend and look instead to street influences from the ‘70s and ‘80s. a punky aesthetic resurfaces in styles with a skinny silhouette.

INTERFUSION – informed by technology the look synthesizes high and low culture

WOMEN: shapes are well defined and this new breed of casualwear has a formal edge. styles are broken apart and reconstructed with contrast blocks and panels creating hybrids.

MEN: silhouettes are bowed with added volume or straight and elongated in exaggerated lengths. this excess creates an impression of relaxation and comfort.

CIRCULAR – embracing the processes of destruction and regeneration

WOMEN: classics are reimagined into new hybrid styles or distorted with skewed construction or unexpected areas of volume or extended length.

MEN: shopkeeper coats, overalls and dungarees move into the fashion arena. these workwear influenced styles take on an elevated identity with new design ideas and distorted shapes and construction.