DESIGN Forecast AW 2017-18 Women Youth Apparel

Published 17 May 2016 - 50 pages 21758-21807

The first of our unique design issues is dedicated to womenswear and packed with original sketches. These downloadable design flats are complete with front/back views and feature precise detailing. Download the entire design matrix into your Adobe Illustrator compatible software and adapt to your needs. Our design pages feature inspiration from ready-to-wear, couture and pre-fall catwalk collections and are finished with colour references.
Our key themes: OUTSIDER, INTERFUSION & CIRCULAR are developed into design ideas incorporating the research into colour and surface pattern from the CONCEPT & COLOUR Forecast. Outsider approaches the ‘more is more’ aesthetic in styles filled with exciting patterns and decoration. Interfusion is filled with precise construction and well-defined shapes. Circular cuts through the noise with easy styles connected to the natural and familiar.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2017-18 Women Youth Apparel

OUTSIDER women – a maximalist-style collision between past and present

OUTSIDER youth – a disruptive energy filled with contradictions

INTERFUSION women – precise construction fuelled by technology

INTERFUSION youth – retro influenced street-styled designs

CIRCULAR women – easy styles connected to natural and familiar

CIRCULAR youth – grounded styles in fat & skinny proportions