DESIGN Forecast AW 2017-18 Men Youth Apparel

Published 22 May 2016 - 42 pages 21808-21849

The new design issue is dedicated to menswear and features the key shapes for men’s and youth apparel. Our themes: OUTSIDER, INTERFUSION & CIRCULAR are developed into clear sketches incorporating the research into colour and surface pattern from the CONCEPT & COLOUR Forecast.

The disruptive street energy of OUTSIDER combines clashing patterns and textures. INTERFUSION offers athleisure design with precise tech-infused details, and CIRCULAR brings a grounding effect with practical workwear inspired styles.

The downloadable design flats are ready to download through our AI matrix and come complete with front and back views. The design pages feature inspiration from the London, Milan, Paris & New York catwalk collections and are finished with colour references and fabric/surface pattern indications.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2017-18 Men Youth Apparel

OUTSIDER men – complex collage of clashing pattern & texture

OUTSIDER youth – the disruptive energy of street influences

INTERFUSION men – precise construction and bold design

INTERFUSION youth – athleisure design with tech-infused detail

CIRCULAR men – easy styles with practical workwear details

CIRCULAR youth – grounded utility styles with industrial details