DESIGN Forecast AW 2023-24 Men Youth Apparel

Published 22 July 2022 - 35 pages 25702-25736

This deep dive into menswear reveals the important design directions for the autumn/winter 23-24 season. A look at adaptable designs with adjustable details, optional layers and different ways to style, with the aim of ultimately extending the lifespan of product. There is a casual ease to construction that is countered with high-quality, durable fabrics to add structure and shape. Approach the new season with confidence and faith in your designs with this inspiring, in-depth menswear report.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2023-24 Men Youth Apparel

ENOUGHism – adaptive innovation is at the heart of this trend

myVERSE – disruptive design shakes up the menswear scene

goWILDER – a celebration of creativity and skilled craftsmanship