DESIGN Forecast AW 2022-23 Women Men Youth Accessories

Published 9 August 2021 - 44 pages 25231-25274

Accessories for autumn/winter 2022-23 will be a dynamic blend of show-stopping pieces and practical design solutions. This report covers accessories and details for WOMEN/youth and MEN/youth categories. Starting with SHAKE IT, full of unique and risk-taking concepts, BIO-SYNCH, taking us outdoors into nature and SMARTS which explores multifunctional and adaptable designs.
Superior CAD sketches outline these new accessories in incredible detail. These designs are fully downloadable as Adobe Illustrator files for easy adaptation and come complete with modular details to drop into your own sketches. Every design page provides analysis and offers alternative ideas for surface patterns/textures, materials, trims and construction.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2022-23 Women Men Youth Accessories

SHAKE IT – Extraordinary concepts shake up the accessories scene. These unique designs resonate with consumers who are ready to experiment and play around with customisation or make bold statements. The trend explores ways to add unique qualities, personalised aspects and unexpected design details. Shake It takes risks to free the imagination and open up to new possibilities

BIO-SYNCH – Sustainable materials and crafted design create a unity with nature, and practical styles prepare for time spent outdoors. Bio-Synch escapes into the outside world and explores new territory in design with products that provide protection and give long-lasting appeal. Tactile qualities, natural forms and feel-good softness are key to this life-enhancing trend

SMARTS – Multifunctional designs and modular concepts enable products to go beyond normal use and transform to suit different conditions or occasions. Tech-enhanced, high-quality materials are shaped into meaningful designs to fit our ever-changing, adaptable lifestyles. Smarts provides a balance between practical and unique product – designed to be coveted