CONCEPT Forecast SS 2024

Published 28 September 2022 - 21 pages 25778-25798

A one-solution approach to solve the climate crisis is not an option, it’s clear we need multiple solutions to achieve any goals to cut carbon emissions. In the same way fashion uses a multi-formula approach to reduce its impact on global warming. The report reflects this movement towards sustainable goals by encouraging the use of resource-saving raw materials, ethical manufacturing, reusing existing product and materials and taking a slower, more considered approach to design.
CONCEPTs for SS 24 outline the emerging cultural shifts, new events and designs shaping the future, and art that impacts the way we view the world.

CONCEPT Forecast SS 2024

REALFEEL – finding ways to express creativity in an authentic space

ECONOME – practising restraint, using less and caring more

MULTISIM – a dynamic and multi-solution approach to design