COLOUR Forecast SS 2024

Published 11 October 2022 - 33 pages 25799-25831

COLOUR for 2024 reflects the anticipation and excitement of summer, with fresh light tones and euphoric brights. These are balanced out with a wide range of naturally sourced midtones, some are warmly nostalgic, while others connect to nature and the environment. Soft shades feed into the idea of a caring, more thoughtful mindset and a gently, less harmful approach to design. The 40-colour palette includes two important selections: KEY6 are six important colours that define the new season and CORE, which are ten essential long-term colours.
Get more than inspiration – get involved in the real changes happening in fashion.

COLOUR Forecast SS 2024

CORE – ten essential colours form the core of the season

SS 24 THEMES – the three themes each feature a unique palette using two of the KEY6 shades with pages showing colour styling for women and men

KEY6 –  six fashion shades define the new season

REALFEEL – warm, safe and secure tones balanced with cooler confident shades

ECONOME – shades that reach beyond the confines of reality into a personal metaverse

MULTISIM – nature reveals its wild side in a mix of vivid and earth-linked tones