CONCEPT Forecast AW 2023-24

Published 8 March 2022 - 21 pages 25551-25571

Events are causing us to reshape our needs and respect resources like never before. We are transitioning into a new phase in design, one that feels more urgent and powerful. Brands that are speaking honestly and openly, who value transparency and share knowledge for others to emulate, will be the ones to shine in this new environment.
This report holds a mirror to culture and society, taking an optimistic view of the new developments in design, tech, art, nature, fashion, food, money, materials, craft and fashion that will inspire and motivate creativity.

CONCEPT Forecast AW 2023-24

ENOUGHism – creating in a state of conscious awareness

myVERSE – the blurry space between physical and digital identity

goWILDER – fast forward to a future where nature comes first