CONCEPT Forecast AW 2021-22

Published 9 September 2020 - 22 pages 24591-24612

Events bring home the realisation that we are vulnerable and dependent on our health, the environment and each other. This is the mindset moving into AW 21-22 and a good starting point for meaningful and authentic discussion.
Our three themes approach the new season with concepts, which will define this new era. Each will address hard questions – what do we need to add to this world? – how can we be positive about the future? – why trust an industry that is harming the planet?

CONCEPT Forecast AW 2021-22

PAUSE – what do we need to add to this world? Pause looks to the past to study construction and cutting techniques that reduce or eliminate waste. We look back to explore less harmful ways to create and let this knowledge inform a better future.

SHIFT – science and tech push the imagination. Shift explores the acceleration into digital solutions for the fashion industry: virtual prototypes, VR showrooms and digital presentations. It takes a look at the ‘outsiders’ – those who function in a unique space, outside convention.

CONTRACT – moving from choice to constraint. We are experiencing a contraction of the fashion industry. A change in the scale of organisations, a re-evaluation of working practices, and for consumers a movement from an era of choice to one of constraint.