STREET Trends London Fashion Week SS 2021 Women Men Youth Apparel

Published 30 September 2020 - 382 images

The physical events at London Fashion Week were scaled down and the usual crowds were missing. But this created a strong focus on a group of key influencers and also allowed for a closer scrutiny of each style. It was a unique opportunity, at a time when fashion events are few and far between, for self expression.
This report offers a complete overview of apparel and accessories for women, men and youth markets with over 380 original images.

STREET Trends London Fashion Week SS 2021 Women Men Youth Apparel

Some styles are occupying more space, big layered dresses full of volume, some with texture and lacy pattern and others with a subtle sheen. Soft structured skirts and trousers are an excuse for blocks of vibrant colour in silky materials. While structured tailoring opts for a neutral palette in natural fabrics. What these tailored shapes lack in colour, they make up for in an exciting mix of proportions and scale.

Menswear takes a casual, uncomplicated approach. Suits are replaced with colour-coordinated jackets and trousers and finished with a fine knit top. Casual trousers sit higher on the waist and skinny jeans counteract the effects of oversized tops and jackets. Wide-leg culotte pants feature sharp pleats or utility details and are cropped at just the right length for socks and footwear to shine.

Women’s casual styles feature an emphasis on the waist. These might be high-waist jeans with a cinched belt, cropped-length or oversized tops and bodysuits with a cutout area at the side waist. The latest shape for t-shirts is with a cut-off sleeve and extended shoulder (another point of focus), while the more classic shapes act as a billboard for messages and self expression.