COLOUR Forecast SS 2025

Published 26 September 2023 - 35 pages 26428-26462

The definitive colour guide for SS 2025 features 40 shades, which include the important KEY6 and ten essential CORE colours. Each of our three concept themes is explored through a colour lens highlighting each of the KEY6 shades. Unique colour styling pages show how groups of colours can be used most effectively across WOMEN/youth and MEN/youth forecast pages. AI has been used in this issue to generate some of the visual effects and colour adaptations.
Stronger, more saturated tones reflect the energy that radiates through this summer season. The dominant pink, orange and red-tinted shades bring a playful warmth that reveals a human need for joy and distraction. The pinks that lean towards violet and blue-cast purple shades tap into the realm where fantasy meets technology and a space where reality is hard to define. Lighter tints, softened shades and quiet grey tones allow a valuable breathing space that embodies a desire to pass time slowly in neutral.

COLOUR Forecast SS 2025

CORE – ten essential colours form the basis of the season

KEY6 – six fashion shades define the SS 2025 season

DATAWAVE – empowering colours are reflected in waves of innovation and invention

REALCUTE – colours reflect the sweet spot where reality meets the metaverse

hitPAUSE – hit pause to view colour from a natural perspective