Fashion Trends New York London Milan Paris Pre-Fall 2015 Women Yout Apparel

Published 5 February 2015 - 74 pages 19914-19987

The pre-fall collections have just finished, and our team of experts have analysed every show to compile a complete and comprehensive trend report for the entire season. These emerging themes have been selected for their power to inspire and drive design forward. Trends cover all areas of womenswear and include analysis of silhouette, proportion, styling, fabrication, surface pattern and decoration. Pre-Fall collections are an increasingly important part of the fashion calendar and add relevant insights into the coming season. The report is highly visual with special attention to styles that add a fresh and exciting new vocabulary to the current fashion conversation.

Fashion Trends New York London Milan Paris Pre-Fall 2015

CORNUCOPIA – the melting pot of cultures and crafts combines with a well-travelled bohemian spirit, full of texture and ornate riches

SURVIVALISM – new uniforms designed for urban life have a modern military slant, designs are cleverly structured into hi-tech concepts

ENERGY BAR – the look is offbeat and playful, styles pulse with a fearless energy and a disregard for structure

PERSONAL SPACE – the latest outerwear extends the shape of the body into dynamic silhouettes with triangular and rectangular lines

FEMINIZATION – free-spirited femininity with echoes of the sixties and seventies, colours are soft and shapes create a sensual line

STRAIGHT UP –¬†highly-wearable, off-kilter tailoring is at the core of this trend, familiar styles are updated with skewed details