FASHION Trends New York London Milan Paris Fashion Week Mens AW 2015-16 Men Youth Apparel

Published 15 February 2015 - 73 pages 19988-20060

Comprehensive analysis of the Men’s AW catwalk collections and presentation shows, provides a definitive trend outline for the season. This report reveals the new silhouettes and what’s influencing the looks, from cultural shifts, to dips into the past. The team take an in-depth look into the latest graphics, prints and fabric innovations to emerge, targeting the most commercially viable and inspiring designs. This season uniforms move into survival mode, tailoring is refined and shows an increase in volume, graphics reflect our highly visual culture, rock-star poets draw a fuzzy line between genders and casuals get a reality check.

FASHION Trends New York London Milan Paris AW 2015-16 Men

SURVIVALISM – the idea of military uniforms moves into protection and survival mode fabrics are technical, protective and weather resistant

REFINERY – in pursuit of the pure, refined styles and cleaned-up urban uniforms emerging in men’s tailoring

PLAYTIME – the looks are united by a sense of playfulness and creative energy that reflects a culture high on visual stimulation

LIBERTINE – romantic bohemians and brooding, artsy intellectuals mix with rock-star poets in this collection of free-spirited looks

CASUALS – this homage to urban classics, leans towards the youth end of the spectrum with sports and casual styles at its core