Fashion Trends & Forecasting for Apparel & Accessories

DESIGN Forecast SS 2014 Negative Space Women Youth Apparel

Published 4 February 2013 - 19 pages 16484-16502
DESIGN Forecast SS 2014 Negative Space

Negative Space is the first of our design packages and is influenced by Japanese culture and Russian Constructivism; designs focus on clean graphic lines, balanced proportions and blocks of contrasts. Sketches are highly detailed original designs created in CAD with front and back views. Pages are styled with accessories and come complete with inspiring colour combinations and ideas for surface pattern. New this season are additional pages with sketches arranged into categories; these provide a visual checklist and a clear insight into the direction of proportion, line and scale.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2013-14 Extreme Women Youth Apparel

Published 20 August 2012 - 13 pages 15823-15835
DESIGN Forecast AW 2013-14 Extreme

This richly decorative theme explores lavish design and skilled craftsmanship. It’s a move away from fast fashion into a world of heritage and luxury, where clothing of high quality is made with care and attention to detail to be bought by knowledgeable consumers who demand long-lasting investment pieces.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2013-14 Heroism Women Youth Apparel

Published 15 August 2012 - 15 pages 15808-15822
DESIGN Forecast AW 2013-14 Heroism

Our HEROISM trend exudes confidence and fearlessness. Clothing has a masculine or boyish feel and has empathy with the punk era. This report is packed with inspiring sketches giving designers the attention to detail that is crucial in today’s market. The report is split into women & teen areas and each page features clothing with front/back views and complementary accessories including bags, footwear, jewellery, gloves & belts.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2013-14 Control Women Youth Apparel

Published 25 July 2012 - 14 pages 15794-15807
DESIGN Forecast AW 2013-14 Control

The forecast for autumn/winter 2013-14 continues with the first of our design issues. Control, which zooms in on intelligent design, functional details and high-performance materials. Styles are filled with graphically appealing linear designs. These blocks, stripes and contrast panels are inspired by the Bauhaus era and provide us with modern lines and a conceptual framework. Bags and footwear are designed in simple graphic lines and moulded shapes and materials get physical in neoprene, plastics, sporty mesh and netting. Over 100 original, highly detailed design sketches complete with back views for womenswear, teen/youth and accessory areas.