DESIGN Forecast SS 2017 Women Men Youth Apparel

Published 2 December 2015 - 71 pages 21239-21309

A brand new look for our DESIGN issue combines original design flats and skilfully presents them with key catwalk looks to create super-inspiring pages. The report provides an extensive collection of apparel designs covering women’s, men’s and youth areas, which are ready to download and adapt to your needs.
The TRANSBORDER trend brings a Latin energy that gives womenswear designs a sense of movement and translates into a retro Cuban vibe for menswear. In MINDTIME the focus switches to relaxed, leisurely ease in fabrics with natural texture and raw finishes. GROUNDED is rooted in practical and functional styles that radiate towards the familiar and authentic.
Trendzoom design flats are unique, high quality sketches, which are created by experienced designers with extensive knowledge of garment construction.

DESIGN Forecast SS 2017 Women Men Youth Apparel

TRANSBORDER women/youth – Latin energy pulses through exotic prints and undulating edges

TRANSBORDER men/youth – A sense of West-Coast ease is reflected in retro summer styles

MINDTIME women/youth – Sensually soft styles feature raw, unfinished edges and tactile surfaces

MINDTIME men/youth – Loose, easy loungewear and soft tailoring with a relaxed attitude

GROUNDED women/youth – Reduced and simplified designs with long, lean lines and graphic details

GROUNDED men/youth – Styles are connected to reality through practical and functional design