FASHION Forecast AW 2022-23 Women Men Youth Apparel Accessories

Published 18 June 2021 - 49 pages 25079-25127

This  extensive issue translates the big ideas from the CONCEPT report and adapts them into actionable inspiration for all areas of Fashion. It covers a wide range of ideas for Womens, Mens and Youth sectors with inspiration for product design, construction, surface pattern, materials and details. Each theme is explored to hit the sweet spot between commercial and edgy design.
Get more than inspiration – get involved in the real changes happening in fashion.

FASHION Forecast AW 2022-23 Women Men Youth Apparel Accessories

SHAKE IT – When normal doesn’t feel right, it’s time to shake things up. This is a wake-up call for fashion and defines a new time for self expression and personal identity to shine – opening the door to playful design experiments

BIO-SYNCH – An appreciation of nature, both of its beauty and respect for its power over us. This connection to the outside also embraces the need for feel-good products to support our physical and mental wellbeing

SMARTS – Tech-empowered products expand and stimulate the imagination and uncover new and exciting routes into creativity. Adaptable design is an important element, allowing the freedom and flexibility to make product more personal