DESIGN Forecast AW 2022-23 Men Youth Apparel

Published 10 July 2021 - 32 pages 25167-25198

Menswear shakes off preconceptions and moves forward into AW 22 with optimism and confidence. The report analyses the direction of apparel and what’s driving these new looks. It provides original ideas for sustainable and authentic design from a fresh perspective, translating the current zeitgeist into actionable apparel for men.
Our popular CAD sketches reveal the trends in highly-detailed design flats. Sketches are fully downloadable as Adobe Illustrator files for easy adaptation – complete with a body for scale and proportion. Each design is part of a complete look which includes not only the detailed silhouettes, but also offers print/pattern/fabric ideas and styling.

DESIGN Forecast AW 2022-23 Men Youth Apparel

SHAKE IT – A disruptive force pushes design forward in a confident direction. The look is fuelled by a stream of fresh creativity that adds personality and individual expression to shake up men’s apparel

BIO-SYNCH – Connecting to the nature outside while nurturing  the warmth and level of comfort we associate with a homely interior. It’s about delivering new favourite pieces to treasure and covet, encouraging a sustainable long-term attachment to product and pulling us closer into synch with the natural world

SMARTS – Celebrate intelligent design that’s forward thinking and smart enough for our new fluid lifestyles. Well designed classics are stripped back and remodelled with a gentler approach to utilitarian design