RETAIL STREET Riviera Summer Direction 2016 Women Men Youth Apparel Accessories

Published 25 June 2015 - 118 pages 20580-20697

The launch of a new style of trend report combines STREET & RETAIL across Women and Men’s apparel and accessory areas, in this special 118 page issue. Extensive research from St. Tropez and Marseilles – two of the French Riviera’s fashion hotspots – is expertly edited into new trend directions for 2016. The new look is thoroughly inspiring with dynamic pages packed with clear information. A special section on Swim & Beach kicks off the report with an in-depth look at the latest styles in swimwear, cover-ups and related accessories; then the 4 main trends reveal the key looks emerging from hi-end street culture and the forward-moving retail scene.

RETAIL & STREET Riviera Summer Direction 2016

SWIM&BEACH – The latest bikini’s contain a framework of bold lines which split open or cross over in colour contrasts. Interwoven straps and tassels create a sense of craft, and for menswear this is expressed in embroidered motifs across swim shorts.

CARTOONCRAFT – A perfect balance of craft combined with the energy and colour of cartoons. Graphics are confident and prints evolve into abstract shapes. Details are in the spotlight and magnified, accessories are boldly coloured or given added impact with decoration.

DEFAULTDESIGN – A neutral approach to fashion that’s cemented in clever basics and minimal, lifestyle design. The look retains an element of luxury in softly tactile materials. Styles are designed with subtle areas of contrast and eveningwear is beautifully draped.

ETHNICEARTH – Grounded styles in subdued, earth-connected colours. Prints and patterns are rooted in nature or have an ethnic vibe in paisley designs. Denim features as part of the natural trend in torn and worn finishes or with unique splatter prints.

FEMALEFORM – Pure womenswear with the emphasis on the female form. Accessories, detailing and lingerie add to the feminine movement and the AlaÏa effect spreads through dress shapes, influencing a new crop of snappy shapes moulded onto the body.