FASHION Trends New York London Milan Paris Fashion Week AW 2015-16 Women Youth Apparel

Published 31 March 2015 - 111 pages 20213-20323

This single report provides complete and combined analysis from the New York, London, Milan and Paris runway collections. The panoptic view is edited into 5 major trends, and each theme expands into far-reaching ideas and inspiration for all areas of apparel.
For the autumn/winter season the overarching feeling is one of confidence and vitality, from the punchy graphics of Instagram Edit, to the surreal 2D effects in Hyper Smooth. For all these contemporary messages, there is also a sense of craft and romance. Striking Hand, is influenced by hand-crafted techniques and provides inspiration for textiles and a new bohemian look, while Dark Romance dips into overtly feminine styles with an undercurrent of subversion. Retro Zeitgeist takes a close look at the current retro influences on proportion, styling and silhouette.

FASHION Trends New York London Milan Paris AW 2015-16 Women

HYPER SMOOTH – well executed styles are minimal with a feminine twist, in materials that add a flattened 2D or futuristic 3D effect

DARK ROMANCE – lingerie-like styles are loaded with a dark undercurrent, sending mixed messages of sensuality and punky aggression

 STRIKING HAND – inspiration is harvested from cultures with a history of hand-crafted textiles of hand-worked decoration

RETRO ZEITGEIST – past decades are revived and reimagined, the lines between eras become blurred and new styles push forward

INSTAGRAM EDIT – high impact colour, sharply edited graphics and meticulous cutting techniques create styles with a fearless sense of fun