FASHION Trends Pre-Spring 2015 Women Youth Apparel

Published 21 July 2014 - 68 pages 18908-18975

This report contains detailed analysis of trends and influences emerging from the Pre-Spring Collections. The analysis covers all the angles, from major changes in silhouette, through to the smallest key details – crucial to nailing the look. Get all the forward intelligence you need for your business in this special forecast edit of the Pre-Spring collections.

FASHION Trends New York London Milan Paris Pre-Spring 2015

FRACTURE – bold, sculptural shapes dial down the details to create sophisticated, minimal styles with defined angles and linear cutouts

INGÉNUES – romantic styles with youthful innocence and sensual appeal; designs are feminine, in lightweight and handcrafted materials

LINEATION – Modernist architecture informs the dynamic shapes through clever construction, angular silhouettes and sharp pleated lines

SUITOR – styles are inspired by uniforms and classic tailoring; shapes empower the female form and detailing carries a sense of masculine authority

LEISURE – sleek, streamlined styles elevate the idea of sportswear; luxe-infused materials and refined design details create a new spin on loungewear